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  • Yuqing Chemical

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    About Us

    Shanghai Yuqing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development, sales, technical consultation and technical service of organic chlorination products. Located in Jinshan District, Shanghai, the company enjoys superior geographical position and convenient transportation.

    At present, the company is mainly engaged in several categories of chemical raw materials and products, pharmaceutical intermediates and other trade.

    At present, the main products are: p-fluorobenzaldehyde, p-chlorobenzaldehyde, p-fluorobenzonitrile, o-fluorobenzonitrile, o-chlorobenzonitrile, p-fluorobenzoyl chloride, p-methoxybenzoyl chloride, m-methyl benzoyl chloride, glycerin, o-chlorobenzoic acid, p-chlorotrichlorobenzene, trichlorotoluene and other chemical raw materials and intermediates.

    The company has professional technical personnel and sales personnel, and provides technical support and service for chemical chlorination, rectification, ammoniation, hydrogenation and other processes. Have long-term stable production partners.

    The company provides high-quality services with the concept of "process safety, green environmental protection, customers, integrity to the top"; it implements professional and standardized management, with more reasonable prices and better services, and provides more high-quality and professional services for many chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other enterprises at home and abroad.

    I hope that new and old friends can continue to pay attention to and support the growth of our company, and I hope to cooperate with many people with lofty ideals to achieve good results.